The Pyramid of Success

At the Davis Financial Group, our investment philosophy is based on the Pyramid of Success.

The base of virtually all successful financial plans is health and life insurance programs. These provide protection against accident, illness disability or untimely death…

The second level of the pyramid is savings. Accumulating money for short term goals, and being able to meet emergency expenses or unexpected major purchases.

Once your short term goals are met, investing in real estate … a home, rental property, vacation property or land can provide tax advantages.

An added advantage is the possibility the property will increase in value.

The final step up the pyramid is a sound investment program. One that is designed for long term financial planning that will help offset the effects of inflation and future tax liability. A sound investment program might include stocks, bonds or mutual funds. At the Davis Financial Group, we design investment programs with individual risk tolerance in mind.

No financial plan is set in stone. We will always be committed to your long-term success. Sound financial planning begins with an honest evaluation of your present situation and future needs. We will work with you to establish realistic and achievable goals. We will monitor your plan, evaluate its performance and present options that offer the potential to increase its performance or reduce risk. One thing will remain constant. That is the Davis Financial Group long-term commitment to helping all our clients maximize their investment potential.